Tasty-Great Times
No Food Waste
Since 2009​​

​Chef Yapo is our caterer of choice for years... Doug Botos, President Quartus Engineering
Chef Yapo & Jill filled us all with delicious entertainment - Gary Phillips, Past President Fleet Science Center
​​​Chef Instructor Yapo knows how to make great food while having fun for 80 to 7 year-olds... Sandra and her family of 6

  1. Iron Chef Night
    Iron Chef Night
    Chef Yapo vs. Jill rival 3-course dinner battle! You select ingredient & menu, your party dines & votes, winner announced & no trace clean up.
  2. Event Catering
    Event Catering
    For any size service, Chef Yapo will customize your menu with our seasonal bounty and strive to exceed expectations.
  3. Cooking with Chef Yapo
    Cooking with Chef Yapo
    Y'all prep, cook & eat. Chef Yapo will lead step-by-step instruction in 2.5 hour classes with local organic foods first, recipe packets & more.
No Food Waste
​​​Maximum food ingredient utilization, store optimally for next meals and divert food scraps for future gardens.