Chef Yapo & Jill

​​Chef Yapo graduated from San Diego Culinary Institute with honors and earned Master Compost Educator leading workshops at the San Diego Zoo, county schools and business.  Combining this expertise results in successful management and instruction of diverting scraps, organically generating earth and a no food waste service.

Your culinary vision reaches new heights when the professionally trained Chef Yapo prepares food for you.  Leading the head to head in our Iron Chef Night rival dinners, the equally talented wife Jill delivers exceptional tastes just for you.  Culmination of learning from executive chefs, family cooks and our ever expanding knowledge of foods, traditional to the obscure, the Yapos deliver delicious and memorable experiences...


​​​Follow Chef Yapo ​(2011/12) put on an underground supper club - Food Revolution Supper Club - in and around San Diego, CA.  The 4 episodes visit our local bounty, including Be Wise Ranch, Sage Mt Farm & Ranch, Orfila Winery, Carlsbad Aquafarm and more.​​

Still live and ​where you can still find links to articles by Chef Yapo at Jamie Oliver and his Food Revolution websites.

​Yapo - San Diego Dining Host ​(ahead of it's time video site, defunct in 2009) ​​

​This is -  

​Others include...
​Master Compost Educator Yapo shares his knowledge building your own worm bin this 3 video series taped in 2011. 

This no yard location is a bungalow, 1/2 block down the alley block of Pesce's surfbreak in Ocean Beach, San Diego CA with our good friend Tommy.
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