​No Food Waste
​​​We maximize food utilization and mirror our food cycle.  The food cycle, like the water cycle, is part of the ecosystem that keeps us alive... 
​From garden to kitchen, the plate and back to garden without waste.

​To do it, we use local organic foods first, serve tasty-great times and divert food scraps to compost & worm bins to organically generate earth for future gardens.

We all have a role in perpetuating and enabling our best food possible.  Join us and start striving for no food waste too...
  1.  From Garden to Kitchen,
    From Garden to Kitchen,
  2.           the Plate and
    the Plate and
    The rewards... Know what's in & not in what you eat and serve by making from scratch original recipes into tasty-great times!!!
  3.           Back to Garden
    Back to Garden
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