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Iron Chef Night Sample Menus

Submit 2 key ingredients you want to see options for your ICN Dinner Party.  Chef Yapo will propose two appetizers, entrees and desserts for each ingredient and Jill will do the same.  Then you choose which key ingredient menus look best, then choose specific appetizer, entree and dessert you want Jill to make and Chef Yapo to make.  Night of, everyone gets a ballot and votes on each plate based on taste, presentation and integration of theme ingredient... Be ready for 6 gourmet courses!!!

Battle Chocolate

10 @ 113.63pp


Spinach, strawberries, cucumber, carrot and slivered almonds topped with a chocolate vinaigrette and chocolate croutons

Coffee and cocoa rubbed “local organic” filet with chipotle chocolate stout sauce, white chocolate sweet potatoes and roasted balsamic brussel sprouts

Layered Chocolate Crepe Cake
Chocolate crepes layered with chocolate chip mascarpone and drizzled with orange chocolate sauce

~ Versus ~

Chef Yapo

Local organic cool strawberry atop hot chicken stock, cinnamon and local artisan Chuao chocolate with ancho chili, tomato, onion and garlic

Chocolate local organic pork belly mole with chocolate nib creamy polenta, white chocolate “best freshest” vegetable and herb sauté and bittersweet chocolate and strawberry compote

Chuao dark chocolate cupcake with molten chocolate that spills on plate at first slice topped with berries

Battle Blueberry

12 @ 94.48pp


Berry Cheesy
Blueberry brie and lemon zest on crispy wontons with a spiced blueberry sauce

Berry Porky
Roasted pork tenderloin with blueberry gastric and blueberry lemon orzo

Mini Tarts!!!
Blueberry lemon mini tarts

~ Versus ~

​Chef Yapo

Blueberry crema on garlic chicken, pecans & blueberries in lettuce cups drizzled with reduced blueberry balsamic vinaigrette

Oaxaca Twist
Blueberry mole sauce over roasted garlic chicken with blueberry cotija cheesed corn cobs and blueberry yellow rice

Blueberry macarons, blueberry gelato and blueberry gelee

Battle Port

10 @ $106.85pp


Port Wine Pate
Goat cheese and port “pate” on crostini and topped with berries and toasted walnuts

Boozy Beef
Port marinated filet mignon with blue cheese port butter served with roasted sweet potato and port walnut sauce and sautéed garlic green beans

Port Wine Chocolate Cake
Decadent chocolate port wine cake topped with port wine glaze

~ Versus ~

 Chef Yapo

Slurp It
Stilton cheese soup with leeks, potato, celery and tawny port topped with thyme and chives

Perfectly seared scallops in lemon port pan sauce, port mushroom and pea risotto and vintage port stilton on bolillo roll

Ruby Rich
Ruby port dark chocolate and walnut brownie topped with ruby port cream and cherries

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